Hello, welcome to my blog.

As I look towards the year ahead my soul calls me to go within and to grow myself. I feel I am entering a time whereby I am embracing the role of ‘student’ more fervently than ever before in my (almost) 38 years of life. 

As a hypnotherapist, coach and Registered Nurse I am no stranger to study, but the leaps I am entering into are requiring a depth of trust, introspection and effort which both scares and excites me.

The idea for documenting this journey came to me a few days ago as I was considering the importance of the role of ‘student’ and how, especially as adults, we don’t like to be seen in this role. It’s often thought that a ‘student’ is someone young, inexperienced and with not much to offer the world.

This thinking is wrong. We should never abandon the role of student as the day we are no longer a student is the day we stop growing as a person and thus eventually will not be of much value to the world around as it will eventually outgrow us. 

Instead, we need to embrace this role as one that is forever present, even when we step into the role of ‘teacher,’ when the time is right. 

And as with all things in life, there are cycles that ebb and flow where we are immersed in learning and growth and those where we are more focused on the sharing of the knowledge acquired thus far.

As for my personal journey in 2021, I continue my role as ‘teacher,’ as an Aromanosis Coach, while immersing in my postgraduate studies in Creative Therapies, as well as undertaking Breathwork Facilitator Training.

On a personal growth level, I am reacquainting and broadening my knowledge of home herbal remedies and taking my connection to earth and spirit into new realms.

All of this is happening within the dynamics of family life with 3 beautiful (and sometimes exasperating) children, a very tolerant husband, 1 dog and 2 cats!

My mind is quick to envision a year of perfect balance and growth, yet the wisdom of experience reminds me that life is not linear and thus I must be adaptable and open to what comes. 

Over the past few years, journaling has become a cornerstone practice, leading to insights and awareness, while also acting as a release and space to detail gratitude and growth.

This blog will have a similar theme and I wish to give you a glimpse into this journaling process and the benefits it gives.

And of course, as a lover of teaching others, I will share that which I believe will benefit you as the reader whether it be meditations, herbal uses and how-to’s, mindset and psychology insights and everything else in between. 

Please do not be a stranger. If you enjoy something you find within or a question rises to your mind, reach out to me on social media or via email.

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Have a simply beautiful day,

Michelle x