Dead Tired & Bone Weary

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I am dead tired & bone weary. So tired in fact, that I made myself a herbal tea, went to the toilet and then immediately made myself a black tea when I walked back into the kitchen, completely forgetting about the first cup!.... So I am now enjoying two teas as I write. Why am [...]

Called Back to Nature

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At a time where our world hangs in the balance, I am called back to the earth. The whispering has been there for a long while… Or perhaps I should say, it has always been there but I had become adept at ignoring the call. Questions I have often pondered include, “What is our relationship [...]

Grief Healing Experience

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LIVE on Zoom Tuesday 15th Sep 2020 8pm AWST (7am CST) Carrying grief is exhausting. It ripples into every corner or your life, turning brightness into shades of grey despair. Grief is a burden we all shoulder where time does not heal and a postive attitude cannot bury. And many of us do not even [...]

Your Shadow Self

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If we were a collection of coins, the Shadow self is the other side of coin that we don't want to look at. It is where we find hatred, loathing, fear, anxiety and any negative emotion. And if left unchecked this collection of negative emotion, the shadow self, will take control and cause you to [...]

Highest Potential Essential Oil

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🍂Using Highest Potential Essential Oil🍂 Tapping into your intuition should come naturally…. But there are a lot of things that are naturally built in us that we unlearn as we grow older. And at the top of the list are things like creativity, playing, imagination,and intuition. Intuition is about connection. Connection with ourselves. And once [...]

Your Intuitive Self Aromanosis Workshop

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This workshop is Part 1 of a 3 part 'Aspects of You' series, where we will be delving into different aspects of ourselves, aiding us in our personal growth and development. Part 1 on the 1st July is Your Intuitive Self. In this workshop we will be learning how to tap into, hear and follow [...]

Mindfulness Aromanosis Workshop

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Through the practice of Mindfulness we learn to fully experience the present moment and this allows us to not only become self aware but also give us greater control over our lives, the direction we take and the joy and happiness we bring in.   If possible, prior to the workshop, listen to episode 42 [...]

Joy Essential Oil

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Joy Essential Oil from Young Living is a beautiful floral blend to help us reconnect with love. Without love we cannot thrive and yet many of us deny ourselves this basic need. Joy essential oil has been used in my family for everything from my daughter's "happy oil" through to a time when [...]

Internal Apocalypse

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When we think of apocalypse we think of the end of times - of everything turning to rubbish and our world coming to an end.  But we are not thinking of it in the true sense. The true definition of the Greek word is a "revelation", "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known [...]