How do I put myself first?

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I remember as a kid, having a conversation with my Mum about how we should really look after ourselves first. I can't remember my exact words and I can't remember her reply. But I can tell you we were in the car and I was gazing out of the passenger window thinking deep on life. [...]

You can’t ignore you any longer

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What I want to touch on was personal development and what it really is. Its a word that is bandied about quite a bit but most people don’t take it too seriously and they discount it as not being important in our lives. I want to debunk that theory.  If you ask me, learning about [...]

Help! I am Discombobulated! (Aromanosis Meditation Workshop)

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8pm (Australian WST) Thursday 23rd April 2020 - ONLINE via Zoom “Everything feels out of whack” “There are all these things I know I should be doing, but I can’t seem to get even the little things done!” “I can’t think about anything except what needs to be done right now and I can’t even [...]

How to journal for self improvement

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Journaling for self improvement is an extremely effective technique. In this blog  I am going to tell you why and how it has become an integral part of my practice and how you can do it too. I’ve always had a driving force within me, that is rarely quiet, always persistent, nagging me to make [...]

Holding Space During Crisis

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Let's talk about what it truly means to hold space for someone. And with all the crisis happening through our world right now, let's talk about what it means to hold space for  those we do not know personally, but want to help in some way. I'm getting real in this episode. Real about our [...]

What’s your word?

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Choose ONE word that depicts your intention for the last two weeks of 2019. With everything going on, how would you like to feel? What do you want these last weeks of the year to look like? Is your intention to be productive and get some momentum happening as you head into the new year? [...]

Christmas Expectations

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Heading into silly season, I am already hearing people say they are tired and stressed - or at the very least anticipating the fatigue, chaos and everything else they think December means. But what if, this Christmas, instead of having a big to-do list and a calendar full of stressful events, you had the Christmas [...]