Called Back to Nature

Called Back to Nature

At a time where our world hangs in the balance, I am called back to the earth. The whispering has been there for a long while… Or perhaps I should say, it has always been there but I had become adept at ignoring the call.

Questions I have often pondered include, “What is our relationship with nature?” and “How do we better connect with nature?”

It’s curious that as I ask these questions I find myself pondering a vegetable patch once more (I was once the proud owner of a beautiful edible yard that I tended with love). How did I fall out of the habit? I could list many reasons – Pregnancy, pain, work, finances…. But these in the end are all excuses and the reality is, my mind convinced me my time was better spent elsewhere.

So for a decade I have not gardened. I have not grown or dried my own herbs or plants. And I have not dug my hands into the earth or spent near as much time under trees pondering their greatness and wisdom as I used to.

My mind told me I wasn’t missing anything and that instead I should be out in the so-called ‘real’ world seeking success and achievements.

And while I followed my mind, my heart grew sore. Disconnected from the life-giving forces of nature, she found it difficult to process and understand the world around.

So many ‘things’ contributed to the burnout of heart, body and mind I found myself in a few years ago, but this disconnect with nature has been a profound awakening.

The beauty of this situation is that once I had awakened to this disconnect, all I had to do was to walk outside, to feel the earth beneath my feet and to open my eyes, ears, nose and heart to the abundance of natural life that lives, often unnoticed and ignored, around us. 

I used to walk down the street and notice the beautiful homes. Now, I walk and notice the beautiful plants, often overgrown and untended, but magnificent in their ability to not only survive but to thrive regardless. 

Last week I sat beneath a great Eucalyptus. Feeling his strength and wisdom and I silently said a prayer of thanks for this connection I am once again feeling to nature. In return he whispered, ‘You are not separate from nature… You ARE nature. We are all connected and the human race is not something separate from every other living thing in existence.’

This thought is certainly something to ponder… Especially considering the way I felt when I was so disconnected from the natural world. It makes sense that the pain and suffering I felt was not just because nature has so much to offer, but for the simple principle that in ignoring nature, I was ignoring an aspect of self. 

And if I have learned one thing in life, it is that suppression of any aspect of self never ends well. 

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