Delving Deep

What’s your word?

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Choose ONE word that depicts your intention for the last two weeks of 2019. With everything going on, how would you like to feel? What do you want these last weeks of the year to look like? Is your intention to be productive and get some momentum happening as you head into the new year? [...]

Christmas Expectations

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Heading into silly season, I am already hearing people say they are tired and stressed - or at the very least anticipating the fatigue, chaos and everything else they think December means. But what if, this Christmas, instead of having a big to-do list and a calendar full of stressful events, you had the Christmas [...]

3 Obstacles that Stop Productivity

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Whether you are building a business or raising a family or have goals to achieve, without some sort of consistent productivity you are going to feel like you are on a hamster wheel, putting in a great deal of effort, but getting no-where. There are many barriers to productivity but of them all there are [...]

How to become more self aware

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Self Awareness is another one of those 'buzz words' that is bandied about without too much thought. But I want to challenge you to think about what it actually means to be self aware. Have a think about it for 30 seconds before reading on to learn how to become more self aware... In a [...]

My Health is Stopping me from being Successful

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Do you look at other entrepreneurs and high achievers with envy? With their mountains of energy and declarations that you just need to push through the pain, stay up late, get up early and skip a few meals if necessary to GET IT DONE –  you could not be blamed for thinking that you “just [...]