Highest Potential Essential Oil

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🍂Using Highest Potential Essential Oil🍂 Tapping into your intuition should come naturally…. But there are a lot of things that are naturally built in us that we unlearn as we grow older. And at the top of the list are things like creativity, playing, imagination,and intuition. Intuition is about connection. Connection with ourselves. And once [...]

Joy Essential Oil

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Joy Essential Oil from Young Living is a beautiful floral blend to help us reconnect with love. Without love we cannot thrive and yet many of us deny ourselves this basic need. Joy essential oil has been used in my family for everything from my daughter's "happy oil" through to a time when [...]

DIY Body Cream Recipe with Essential Oils

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When I first started making my own DIY creams at home, I found it hard to find a recipe I liked. I used to use Nivea Creme because it was nice and thick and promised to improve my skin.... What I learned however, was that the ingredients in it were far from nourishing or improving [...]