Grief Healing Experience

Grief Healing Experience

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Tuesday 15th Sep 2020

8pm AWST (7am CST)

Carrying grief is exhausting. It ripples into every corner or your life, turning brightness into shades of grey despair.
Grief is a burden we all shoulder where time does not heal and a postive attitude cannot bury.
And many of us do not even realise the load on our shoulders causing us to snap at our loved ones and reach for food, alcohol and other crutches to numb what can’tbe numbed.
Grief is not spoken about and because of this we don’t even realise how it is preventing us from living the life we dream.
My beautiful friend Victoria Volk (Author, Grief Recovery Specialist & Reiki Master) is joining me next week for a Grief Healing Aromanosis Experience.

Victoria is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Reiki Master and she will be co-facilitating this workshop where she will take us through a Grief Healing Experience. 

Is this workshop for you? Have a read of what Victoria says about grief and you will see that grief affects us all.

“Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss or any change from what is familiar in life. It is the emotional response to change. It can be defined as a feeling associated with the things we wish might have been different, better, or more in any relationship. Whether it is with a person, a pet, a job, an educational experience, or even a place of residence doesn’t matter. Grief can be a result of unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations in any relationship as well.

Grief can manifest itself in a variety of ways. 

Some people find that the confusing feelings that grief generates interfere with sleep, while others find it challenging to get up and function after waking up. 

Some people find that they feel sad or cry over things that never seemed to bother them before. 

Many find themselves longing for that relationship lost, and others find, especially when they discover that friends seem to be able to offer little meaningful help, that they lose some of their ability to trust others.

 Some find themselves easily irritated, while others do not have the energy to feel much of anything. 

For some, the memories leading up to and including the moment of loss overshadow all of their fond memories of that relationship.

Simply stated, grief can be overwhelming!  Just as overwhelming can be the labels that are put on grievers and the advice that they are given.”


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