Help! I am Discombobulated! (Aromanosis Meditation Workshop)

Help! I am Discombobulated! (Aromanosis Meditation Workshop)

8pm (Australian WST) Thursday 23rd April 2020 – ONLINE via Zoom

“Everything feels out of whack”

“There are all these things I know I should be doing, but I can’t seem to get even the little things done!”

“I can’t think about anything except what needs to be done right now and I can’t even get that done”

“I am anxious and overwhelmed”

“I can’t get my s**t together right now!!”

Help! I am Discombobulated!

These are all statements I have heard over the past few weeks and it’s not surprising considering the change we are experiencing to our everyday lives. Our world is changing and everyone seems to have an opinion and most of them are conflicting.

The fact that you are feeling discombobulated is not a surprise!

So firstly, give yourself a break! And secondly, let’s see what we can do from the safety of our homes, that isn’t going to take all day (because even while we are home there is still work to be done, kids to take care of, cooking to be cooked etc etc).

With that thought in mind, I would like to invite you to our Anti-Discombobulation Workshop.

(Yep! That’s the name because we are going to take the difficult and simplify it down so our heads don’t feel like they are going to pop!)

This will be run via a Zoom call and you will experience Aromanosis Practice that is all about you. (The registration link is at the bottom of this post :>)

 I highly recommend putting a reminder alarm in your phone for 10 minutes before because if you are like me you will most likely forget and then kick yourself later!!

Don’t know what Aromanosis is? I highly recommend learning a little about it before the workshop at

During the workshop you will experience a guided Aromanosis Meditations which will support the thinking and reflection that you will be doing during the rest of the class.

This is NOT a workshop that is all about education. During our time together you will be actively answering questions (in your notebook) that are going to help you to realign your brain and help you move forward with confidence and clarity.

Please know that while what you will be writing down, may be sensitive to you, you do not have to share any answers unless you choose to. 

The essential oils recommended to use during the workshop are:

Highest Potential (to diffuse) –  you can substitute with Frankincense if needed

Clarity – Substitute with Orange and Rosemary if required

Gathering – Substitute with Lavender and Frankincense if require

Note: If you don’t have the oils required, chat to the person who invited you or reach out to me at if no one referred you to this workshop.

What’s the cost? Nothing! It’s free!

Count me in!
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