Holding Space During Crisis

Holding Space During Crisis

Let’s talk about what it truly means to hold space for someone. And with all the crisis happening through our world right now, let’s talk about what it means to hold space for  those we do not know personally, but want to help in some way.

I’m getting real in this episode. Real about our role in all of this disaster and I am calling on you to wake up! It’s time we all took responsibility and stopped playing the blame game. It’s time we all looked within and made up our own minds about what it going on, instead of looking everywhere but within.

Prayers and energy are powerful. And if you are in fear and worry because of what you are reading, seeing and hearing, then that is the type of energy you are sending to those who are suffering. I know that is not what I want to do. I want to keep myself in balance and purposefully send healing and positive energy to those who are struggling right now. And then in that positive power I want to stand up and talk about what is causing this crisis and assist in any way I can. 

There is a lot of negativity flying around at the moment and you can let it drag you down, or you can focus on the solution and use it to fuel you to live life better, to fill your own personal bucket and make a real difference in life.

What are you going to choose?

Life is complex. It seems that everywhere I turn people want a simple answer to a complex question. But the truth is that just as we are layers of experiences, so is our world.

I was pondering this question this morning. Thinking about the disasters and trauma throughout our beautiful world, asking, “What is going on?” What is the answer to all this?” Is it that there are truly people so money hungry that their decisions are based on personal gain more than the greater good of us all?

Is it that some are so niched in their scientific corner that while what they want to do may see an improvement in something tiny they cannot see the greater negative implication elsewhere?

Or sometimes we have spent so long in one area that we convince ourselves of a truth that isn’t really there… Or Is is just the world changing, naturally? Which explanation is right?

And as I looked up, I saw a tangled spider web on the eave of our home and I understood. All of it is correct and true and so much more. Our world is full of layers and just like this spiders web, if you change one small part it changes so much more than what you touched.

This knowledge could truly freeze you, but I also believe this is the purpose of life. We are meant to shape our reality and create what we desire. But sometimes it doesn’t work out. What is going on at a global level is no one person’s fault. And yet as a society we feel the need to lay blame. There are so many things happening that are causing our natural world to change and if we are to the weather this storm (mind the pun) we need to open our eyes to all of it and take it all into consideration. 

We need to stop looking to blame and instead start to untangle the web that we are all responsible for. The hypocrisy that shines bright when a tragedy unfolds is scary if you ask me. I have had many conversations where people don’t feel like they can go about their normal days because our own people are suffering on the other side of the country, I hear that and I feel it too.

But I can’t help wondering why “our” people are more important than the many more that are suffering around the world. What makes us more special? Why don’t we have this emotional response when we hear what is happening over there? Why are we not angered and crying out for change when it’s not a Western country? Of course this is not how everyone reacts and many do care just as much, but still, if we are wanting to be honest with ourselves it’s a good question to ask oneself. It is not about making you feel bad or having judgement over what your emotions are reacting too. It’s just good to question yourself and ask why? …. If we never ask ourselves why we feel like we do about anything in life, then we are never going to learn and grow from our experiences.

And if we want to fix this mess that we are in right now, then asking yourself ‘why’ is the best thing you can do because boy do we all need to grow and change if we are going to find a solution and take action.

Back to the hypocrisy of it all,… This is one that I am very guilty of myself but which I am also hyper aware and working to change everyday. We all scream out about climate change and yet in our homes we consume like it doesn’t matter. If you look at the stats and the state of everything, having a recycling bin is not enough. We need to change our way of life. Significantly. I’ll be the first to put up my hand and say we have made small changes and that compared to 10 years ago we are very eco friendly. But I am also aware that it is not enough. When I find myself getting angry at politicians who aren’t doing enough to help our world, I pull myself up and think ‘ how can I expect others to walk the walk and make the hard calls if I am not doing it myself first?”

Again, there is no judgement here. Beating myself over the fact that I could do more is not going to be productive. But I can take this self reflection and make a better choice right here and right now. I can make a better choice every step into the future. And if we all did this, small positive choices again and again moving forward we would all create a massive positive change in the world. The truth is, that while our politicians have power and I pray every day they find the strength to do what is necessary, we also have power and I pray even harder that we all find the strength to make the calls we think are going to be hard. 

And even as I say all of this, I have to say that this world of our is not crumbling completely. While there is climate change happening, wars breaking out, scary laws being passed….

We as human beings are also waking up.

I feel like we have all been in a slumber, living our lives but truthful I don’t think we have been living at all. With everything on we are being forced to rise up and shake off the remnants of sleep to face the world.

Some as they awaken are cowering in fear and cannot move because of it and these people spread this fear far and wide….. But many of us as we are awakening and seeing the beauty of the world and the beauty of us human beings.

We are so much more powerful and good than we give ourselves credit for. And I see all over the world the positive changes occurring lifting up those in need be they human, animal or nature. I see minds that are gifted in so many ways, stretching to create change or even to just bring happiness. There is so much good out there, so don’t forget it. And don’t forget that we get more of what we focus and talk about. We can’t ignore what is happening in our world, but we can choose whether we focus of the problem or the solution. Put your energy into the solution, so we can help those who need it and create a better future for us all.

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