Internal Apocalypse

Internal Apocalypse

When we think of apocalypse we think of the end of times – of everything turning to rubbish and our world coming to an end. 

But we are not thinking of it in the true sense. The true definition of the Greek word is

a “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”.

Many say we are in an apocalypse right now, and I would have to agree. The world is not coming to an end but the veil is being lifted and all the things that where hidden or easy to ignore are now coming into the spotlight…. And it is uncomfortable. And it’s painful. 

But just because a festering wound is covered up, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. As we uncover these wounds in our society and our world, we are exposing them and allowing the opportunity for healing to begin. Some wounds are bigger and deeper than others and as such, will take a longer time and more resources than others.

It is not the world apocalypse that I want to talk about today however. Today, I want to talk about our internal apocalypse, because without the internal apocalypse happening, the wounds that are exposed in our external world will not heal.

Because of our routine shake ups in recent months, many of us have found the veil lifted on all manner of false beliefs and patterns. And with this happening, many have hungered for normal life to resume so that they can busy themselves and forget what came up in the quiet that was enforced on them.

With life now returning to some semblance of normality, we run the risk of stalling the internal apocalypse that has begun…. And in my eyes that is a missed opportunity for healing and thus creating a better life for ourselves on the other side of this apocalypse. 

So at this point you may be wondering what “work” there is to actually do? How does one embrace this internal apocalypse and move through it?

If we go back to the original definition it is an unveiling so you can see the truth of things….. It is about becoming self aware.

Aware of your thoughts.

Aware of your feelings

Aware of your beliefs

What drives you

What motivates you

What upsets you

What make you smile

What you excel at

What you struggle with

What infuses you with energy and what doesn’t

It is the work of becoming aware of every aspect of self. This is the starting point. And only when we have lifted the veil and become aware of all of these things can we begin to create changes around the things we see within ourselves that we aren’t happy with.

So the next question then is – how do I become self aware? If I am not aware of it then how do I look for something I do not know is there?!

This is where the simple practice of mindfulness comes in.

Mindfulness, is one of those little habits, that is so simple and easy to do that it is also easy to discount as a waste of time and effort. Trust me when I say that mindfulness is the foundation of you personal development practice and that when you establish it as a skill you will find it is a safety net that will catch you many times throughout life. 

To be mindful is to be fully engaged in what we are doing at any present moment.

So how can we practice this skill?

  • To begin with the practice of meditation is the perfect way to teach yourself being present and learn to recognise when your mind is wandering off.
  • Taking note of your emotional reactions and what caused the reaction is another step you can take. A Journaling practice can help in this reflection process.
  • All mindfulness should be practiced as an observation of self without judgement – we are gathering information not putting ourselves on trial.
  • Every single moment of our lives can be lived in this way. This is the practice of mindfulness.
  • To do it, we must be present. You cannot be aware if you are too busy thinking about dinner, or the washing, or your work or whatever is going on.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Just as in meditation where it is a practice of continually bringing yourself back – gently and without judgement – we also do this in our waking, active moments. When you journal you may realise that you have lived 24 hours without being mindful. But that realisation in itself is a big step forward. Just make it your intention to move through the day, being aware and you will find that step by step you are more and more in the moment. 

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