Joy Essential Oil

Joy Essential Oil

Joy Essential Oil from Young Living is a beautiful floral blend to help us reconnect with love.

Without love we cannot thrive and yet many of us deny ourselves this basic need.

Joy essential oil has been used in my family for everything from my daughter’s “happy oil” through to a time when I was searching for my own worth and right to love.

Here’s the beautiful ingredients in Joy essential oil:
💗Bergamot – uplifting and calming – relieves tension around the heart and chest area
💗Ylang Ylang – balances male and female energies – restoring equilibrium within ourselves. Often we are at war more with ourselves than any other and this blocks our heart space.
💗Geranium – An oil of love 2nd only to Rose
💗Lemon – Promotes a deep sense of wellbeing
💗Coriander – mental clarity and helps to bring peace of mind when worrying
💗Tangerine – sedating and calming when nerves are high
💗Jasmine – Revitalizes the spirit and brings feelings of love, support and joy
💗Roman Chamomile – releases mental blocks (especially those to do with anger) stopping us from experiencing joy or love
💗Palmarosa – Brings a sense of security
💗Rose – High frequency – creates a sense of balance, harmony, wellbeing and elevates the mind. It creates a magnetic energy that attracts pure love and brings joy to the heart.

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joy essential oil

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