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I am deeply passionate about teaching women to connect with themselves. To know who they are at an intimate level. To hold their power and explore the gifts they have and can manifest. To grow and develop themselves and flourish into their full potential. To feel peace and content in the here and now and enjoy the journey as it unfolds. To truly let go and embrace the cosmic forces that work with us to create a new reality of peaceful being. This is my calling and my joy as an expression of life and love.


If you are struggling – I get you – I have been there. Below is an excerpt from my journal a few short years ago…

The fatigue is crushing. I stand in the kitchen. Paused. Hands in the sink, full of dirty water. The kids are waiting for breakfast but I am yet to wash last night’s dishes. There is so much to do. No time to do it. I just want to sit down but I know I can’t. I have dreams in my mind but I am no closer to them today than yesterday – no closer than I was a year ago.  

      About Michelle

At the time I wrote this, I was in pain – emotionally, spiritually and physically. I was struggling to find purpose and I was struggling with my health, despite years of formal training and experience. I felt like a failure. On the surface I showed a happy smile. To everyone around me, my life was good. But I was slowly dying inside, slowly withering like a flower starved for sun, decaying before it’s time.

I was stuck in a spiral with no way out, where I did not reach goals because there was no consistency. I was without consistency because of the pain and fatigue I suffered. My failure to achieve anything noteworthy (in my eyes), compounded my feelings of fatigue. And so the cycle continued.

And yet, somewhere deep inside I knew I was more. I knew that there was a way, somewhere out in the universe, for me to find the success in health and life that I craved.

The realisation of truth did not hit me in an instant, instead it grew, like a tiny baby spark brought to life by the gentlest of breaths. And when it grew to a size where I could comprehend the realisation, it was not that profound. In fact, it was not even something new to me. Just something forgotten as time and life had filled my mind.

When it all boils down, energy, happiness and health are not complicated. We just like to make it that way, so we have an excuse for not doing the basic things that would allow for our bodies to heal.

For good health, happiness and energy we need sleep, movement, good food, water and connection. We then need to cut the crap from our lives and return to a natural way of living.

We are a society of quick fixes with the only problem being that quick fixes do not work. At the very best they create a Band-Aid solution where the problem can fester unseen until it’s too late.

I wanted more out of life, but I could not go after ‘more’ until I sorted myself out.

And thus, began my journey. This time when I set out, I knew I was going to walk into dangerous territory at times. I knew there would be no end to the journey. I also knew that I would visit beautiful destinations and live wonderful moments along the way. This journey I was embarking on would create growth in me. A growth I trusted would be returned to the world, making a positive impact in ways not yet decided. Never ending, ever learning.

My explorations have led me to delve deep into understanding how us humans function, why we do what we do and how it all affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am passionate about helping others to lead a happy and healthy life.  And I am deeply committed to teaching processes that any woman, mum or grandmother can implement and succeed at, no matter how busy, scattered or overwhelmed she is!

We cannot create the world we envision without first knowing and healing ourselves.

The key lies in CONNECTION.

Connection with self.

Connection with others.

Connection with Spirit.

And Connection with Earth.

When you focus on developing and growing this connection, you can truly fill your cup with goodness until it overflows into the world.

I would love to get to know you more so please reach out and share your story with me.

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