The Practice of Self Love

The Practice of Self Love

Think of your most favourite person in all the world. It may be your child or your partner or your mother. Answer these questions in regards to them:

  • Do you expect them to be perfect?
  • Would you tell them they are not worthy because they aren’t bringing in a certain amount of money?
  • Would you tell them they are ugly if their clothes don’t fit properly?
  • Or would you tell them they are boring, so don’t bother offering your opinion?

I am guessing you answered ‘no’ to all of these. Yet these are all statements I have made to myself, in my head, in the past. And I will bet you have said similar, nasty comments to yourself too.

If someone spoke to my child in this manner, I would not stand for it. I would be outraged and I would demand an apology and ensure my child would not be subjected to those lies anymore.

So why, in the past, did I think it was OK to speak to myself in this manner? The truth is, it wasn’t OK. It slowly poisoned me into a person who was afraid to act or speak for fear of doing something wrong. This was a long time ago, but I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. And the path to healing and true self worth has been a long and windy one, but one well worth traveling. 

Now, with true self love I am strong and confident to be myself, in whatever form I choose to take. And the love I feel for myself, overflows out to all those around me, leaving judgment and envy long behind in the past.

You see, judgement and envy only enter when we are not feeling whole on the inside. And so if you truly want to be a person who uplifts others, you first need to look at yourself to ensure what you put out into the world is of a positive nature. 

I had the most wonderful conversation with my friend Patsy Kenney last week on Purpose Balance & Burnout.

Patsy is an explorer of life and truly someone who inspires me every day. When Patsy speaks I feel like she is putting a big comfy blanket of love around my shoulders while infusing truth deep into my psyche.

Patsy tells her story of evolution and personal development through traumatic times and I know you are going to love listening just as much as I loved talking to her. 

Search for Purpose Balance & Burnout in your favourite podcast app – it’s Episode # 24

We are often terrified at looking too deeply in the mirror, for fear of seeing our true selves. We are afraid that if we look too closely, our carefully built walls will crumble and out will pour a tidal wave of negative emotion, leaving us incapacitated.

How do I know this? I know it because I have been there too. But I want you to know that the fear of delving into who you are and what make you tick is SO MUCH worse than what you will uncover.

I also want you to know, that the answer to whatever is ailing you right now will be found on this path. We can release the overwhelm, fear, sadness, anxiety and anything else not serving us. And when you know yourself, you can find joy in places you didn’t know existed and take control of both your internal and external reality.

If you ask me, it’s time we stand up as women and shine like the beautiful radiant beings we are. 

If you are ready to be brave and join me on this journey…. Or even if you are ready to start even just contemplating the idea of looking within, I invite you to join our community where I will send you an email every week with a simple practice you can complete during the week. We can walk this path of growth together and I promise you will find joy where you least expect it.

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