Why go low tox?

Why go low tox?

Everyday our bodies are overloaded with synthetic chemicals from personal care products, household items, food, pesticides, the air, clothes, linen…. Almost everywhere we look there are chemicals that we are breathing, eating and absorbing through our skin!

We do have this amazing thing called a liver and it works really hard to detoxify our bodies from all those synthetic chemicals. Our livers do a great job, but unfortunately modern times have seen us exposed to copious amounts of these chemicals and our livers have become over burdened and simply cannot keep up with the detox required to keep us healthy.

Put simply – if we don’t change our ways, the amount of disease and illness in our world is just going to increase as our bodies can’t keep up with the detoxing demand.

I want to talk to you about a balanced approach to going low tox, that won’t kill the budget or send your head into a spin.

So many household and cosmetic products are scented with fake / synthetic smells otherwise known as Pthalates. They have been shown to be endocrine (hormone) disrupting and could be responsible for a lot of hormone related problems in the modern era such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Early onset Menopause & Infertility.

 A single fragrance can contain hundreds if not thousands of chemicals – Eek!

Research is also now demonstrating that the chemicals we are exposed to have effects on all of our body system and it isn’t just related to our hormones.

In 2005, 287 different types of chemicals were found in the umbilical cord of infants born in the USA. Of this:

  • 180 are known carcinogens
  • 217 are toxic to the brain or nervous system
  • 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development.
  • This chemical exposure mutates and reprograms our children’s DNA.

If you take nothing else form this post, I would be happy if you took away the importance of minimizing chemicals and therefore the toxic load in your home. 

Over-exposure to some chemicals has been linked to hormonal disruptions, skin ailments, emotional disturbances, toxicity in the nervous system, auto-immune diseases, cancer and many other disorders and symptoms for many years. And I think it is safe to say that we are all waking up and acknowledging the chemical overload we are all suffering.

So here’s a challenge for you – Look around your home and pick up a few products…. How many can you find that have “fragrance” listed in the ingredients?

I had the biggest block when it came to changing over from supermarket, chemical laden brands…… In my head – I thought it would be too hard and too expensive… and not as effective. I have to say, I have been proven wrong on all 3 points!

The problem comes when companies (who are aware of our awareness), label their products “free from (TEA / DEA / Parabens etc)”.

A list of ingredients of what a product doesn’t contain, doesn’t mean a product is free of synthetic chemicals…. This is where I came unstuck in the beginning when I thought I was buying low-tox, but it turns out that those products labelled “organic” and “free from….” Or “eco-friendly” were full of fragrance and other nasties.

It’s not a nice feeling when you find out that all the effort you have been putting in, wasn’t making a difference.

Swap it out

This step is a process and I highly recommend taking your time to swap one area of your home and lifestyle at a time.

For myself I started with my diet, then moved onto personal care products and finished my “toxic cleanse” with ditching the chemicals from around the home. But you can do it in any order you choose.

Now here is a secret, there is an easy way and a hard way. I am not sure why, but the hard way is often the method that is shared freely. Perhaps it’s because it’s quite the accomplishment to be the mum that cooks everything from scratch and makes ALL her beauty and cleaning products with complicated recipes and curing times. Or perhaps it’s just because we have been blinded by the lengthy ingredient lists on fabric softeners, spray and wipes and deodorants, that we have forgotten that our ancestors did just fine with basic ingredients.

I have to admit, I tried the hard way at first. I went it alone and thought I could work it out. What happened was I would spend hundreds of dollars (that we couldn’t afford at the time) on raw materials that would either sit there and never get used or would end up in the bin because I was attempting recipes I had found on Google, that I am pretty sure were posted before being tested! I could never seem to find the time to make everything and in all honesty, I didn’t know what fact from fiction was.

I gave up for a while there, I stuck my head in the sand and refused to think about the toxic load all these creams, shampoos and cleaning products were putting on myself and my family. It was all too hard!

I changed my thinking when I noticed a good friend of mine, who with her 3 small children, was acing the whole natural lifestyle. I made it my mission to find out everything she was doing as clearly it was NOT what I had attempted!

What I learned, opened my mind to a whole new way of living. It introduced me to what ‘community’ really means – support, sharing and friendship. The community my friend introduced me to, shared their recipes, their wins, their highs and lows and thus the going got easier. I finally had a resource (aka community) that I could tap into at any time day or night, to find the answers I was seeking (even the silly/not silly ones, like “How can I get blue tac out of my daughter’s hair?”…. The answer is lemon essential oil BTW!)

If you are wondering whether I purchase pre-made low tox products or if I make my own – well, I do a combination of both. There are some basic DIY recipes that are so easy (and cost effective) that my daughters can make them (E.g. baby wipes and dish washer powder). And then there are others where it’s cost effective, much quicker and a lot more effective to buy a high quality, pre-made, low tox product (E.g. toothpaste and spray and wipe).

I’m a very busy woman, as I am sure you are too, and thus my goal in living a natural life is not glory or to show off to friends, but instead to continuously improve my health and happiness in order to support the full life I desire.

For me, Living Naturally is like drinking water and sleeping, it’s necessary and non-negotiable.

Click here to join our low tox, oily community for support in your journey.

Or if you would like to know more about how to live a natural lifestyle and how to go low tox, download my free guide “Six Steps to a Naturally Healthy Life” below:

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